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Young Sprouts: Guiding Growth in Child, Teen, and Family Therapy

Cultivate a Thriving Future: Child, Teen, and Family Therapy at Young Sprouts located in Thornhill/Vaughan

Meet Our Child and Family Therapists

We are a dedicated team of child and family therapists consisting of social workers and registered psychotherapists. With expertise in providing comprehensive therapy and counseling services, we are committed to:

  • Supporting the emotional well-being of children, teens, and families

  • Ensuring accessibility and affordability through coverage by most insurance companies

Currently, we are offering counseling and therapy for kids, teens, and families online and in person at our conveniently located office in Thornhill/Vaughan.

Get in touch to see how therapy can help your child and family today!

Child Doing Art Therapy

How We Can Help


Empowering children and teens to manage anxiety through personalized strategies and resilience-building techniques.

Behavioural Challenges

Addressing behavioral challenges in children and teens, using evidence-based approaches to promote positive change and improve home and school life.

Learning Disabilities

Supporting children and teens with learning disabilities, using tailored strategies to enhance their academic skills, confidence, and overall school experience.


Helping children and teens harness their ADHD as a strength, improving focus and self-regulation through tailored strategies.

Emotional Regulation

Enhancing emotional regulation in children and teens, using proven techniques to help them understand and manage their feelings for better mental health and relationships.


Helping children and teens overcome depression, using evidence-based therapies to foster resilience, promote positive thinking, and improve overall mental health.


Guiding parents to foster strong, healthy relationships with their children, while navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood.


Providing compassionate support for children and teens dealing with trauma, using therapeutic techniques to foster resilience and promote healing.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder counseling, we help children and teens thrive by enhancing their social skills, managing emotions, and fostering independence.


Boosting children's and teens' confidence and self-worth through strategies that promote positive self-perception and resilience.


Offering supportive therapy for children and teens navigating grief, helping them process their feelings and move forward with strength and resilience.

Therapeutic Modalities

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Narrative Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy (ACT)

Therapy (EFT)

Parent-Child Interaction

Therapy (PCIT)

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